Face To Face, Inc. Presents Hood Book The Stage Play


Hood Book | The Stage Play

A proud exciting celebration of faith, family, and Black culture. The story of a young boy, who lost his parents tragically at the age of four, and has been shuffled from foster home to foster home now finds himself aging out of the foster care system. This brilliant young talented artist who has desires of being a fashion designer, hip-hop producer, and more, finds himself like many of today’s youth, feeling despair and rejection, which leads him to ask the question “why should I believe in God?” when he feels God does not believe in him. In his journey, he finds a book with no words, but through the use of today’s technology, he’s transported back to the very first day of creation, where God shows him just how much he does love him.
The book he finds is a translation, that talks his language through R&B, hip-hop, Gospel, and inspirational music. With the excitement of dance and fashion, which captures his attention as God shows him the true story of the greatest love ever between a man and a woman, Adam, and Eve in the garden of Eden. Audiences will sing along, dance, party, and praise God as they witness, the story told in a way that’s never been told as we know it. The story will touch and uplift, all walks of life, and in the end, the audience will understand in the best way, ever, “ITS ALL HOOD!